The Next Generation of Stethoscopes

Dualscope is a next generation stethoscope that can examine the heart’s mechanical and electric condition simultaneously detecting possible malfunctions from the earliest signs.

The device’s patented technology with the integrated intelligence can help general practitioners to detect a wide range of heart malfunctions at an early stage.

The device’s technological development was based on medical computing and body surface mapping researches done in close co-operation with universities and also professors of medicine and engineering.

In Use

Just like with classic stethoscopes, there is a routine to follow during checkups. The body should be tapped on the anatomical spots of the chest and the back.

Sensor units with copper electrodes collect the signals while the algorithm helps to evaluate the data and display notifications if any anomaly gets detected.

Heart examination

Two measurements for 45 sec. needed to make the ECG/PCG analysis on the Aortic-Mitral (1) and the Pulmonic-Tricuspid areas (2).

Lung examination

The standard lung examination protocol on the front chest and the back is needed for the analysis.


Comparison of the physical (phonocardiogram/PCG) and the electrical (electrocardiogram/ECG) by the algorithm is one of the most important features of the device.

This helps doctors to undercover several heart function anomalities that would stay undiscovered at a preventive medical examination.

ECG and PCG is displayed live when the measurement is in progress

Notification about lung sound analysis


Stethoscopes have been the attributes of medical professionals since they were invented. Worn around the neck, these objects symbolize healing, proficiency and reliability.

Besides the technical innovations Dualscope was designed to substitute and even upgrade the image of stethoscope wearing medical professionals.

Being a device to be used in hospitals and doctor’s offices, medical grade materials were chosen for the construction.

The sensor units surrounded by the copper ECG electrodes were shaped to fit the curves of the human body. The cable is long enough to comply with the different body types of patients. 

Dualscope is a professional medical device with the handyness and appealing aesthetics of a wearable gadget.

The shape of the two sensor units resemble stethoscopes designed to be held with the thumb and the middle finger, while the index finger can control the touch display.

The sensor units are milled aluminium parts bonded with a cable that transfers data between the units. A small plastic clip holds the folded cable together making it safe and comfortable to wear around the neck.

The slight nook around the body ensures a secure grip for the fingers.

Using the integrated accelerometers the round displays always turn to the right angle for the best view


The Dualscope syncs to a tablet via Bluetooth. All of the examinations’ history and alerts are stored in a cloud database and available to review evaluate and forward instantly for further evaluation.

The application shows the detailed measurements and points out the risky values in the graphs.